Jon Greiner, DTM, PIP

Jon R. Greiner, DTM, PIP

Past Toastmasters International President Jon Greiner joined Toastmasters International more than 40 years ago in Decatur, Illinois. Since then he has been active in 3 different Districts in 2 Regions. He earned his Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) award in 1989.

Jon served in all Club and District Offices in the 1980’s. In 1988-89, Jon served as District 54 Governor and led the district team to Select Distinguished District status. In August 1991, he was elected International Director. He was elected to the Executive Committee of Toastmasters International Board of Directors in August 2001 and served as President of Toastmasters International in 2004-2005.

He is currently a member of 7 clubs in the Peoria area. Jon graduated from Kansas State University in August 1969 with degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration. He was employed by Caterpillar, Inc for more than 41 years and just recently retired.

The Benefits Toastmasters can provide in your Everyday Life

Experienced Toastmasters know that the Toastmasters program extends far beyond just developing public speaking skills.

A broad set of skills developed in Toastmasters are directly transferable to many aspects of your life including your job, your community activities, and your family activities. What are those skills and how do they apply to making you more successful in your everyday life?

This session will engage you in exploring answers to that question.

Mark Sturgell

Mark Sturgell

Mark Sturgell is a real "GoGiver" certified coach, facilitator, and speaker who LOVES helping businesses grow by helping business people do what they must, to become who they want, to get where they really want to go. He is program director for the Greater Decatur Chamber of Commerce, founder and principal of Performance Development Network, a midwest human development firm since 2002, previously directed a university-based training and development organization, and was a career coach before that. It all adds up to 25 years of experience, if anyone is counting.

Hi-Falutin’, Straight-Shootin’ Success Plan for a Higgledy-Piggledy World

We are all observers in the world. We see our work; we see our business; we see our homes; we see our communities, customers, employees, colleagues, competitors, families and neighbors; we see our circumstances, we see ourselves. We see distinctions.

Each of us sees our world in a particular way, and we have three choices. The choice we make determines the results we get.

  1. We can do nothing.
  2. We can brainstorm and take new actions based on how we see the world.
  3. We can see the world in a new way.

Participants in this 50-minute session will learn that when you "look at things through a different lens the possibilities are endless." Past participants have found this program to be energizing, highly interactive, deeply thought-provoking and practical regardless of their current role or focus on personal, professional or organizational interests.

Mark Sturgell, CBC, works with individuals, teams and organizations. He shows you how to dream again, to act on your dreams, to get beyond your greatest challenges, and to achieve your greatest goals more often. It's not about understanding the practice of leadership. It's about learning to practice that understanding.

Dave Sheffield

Dave Sheffield

Dave "The Shef" Sheffield shows aspiring speakers and authors how to build strong speaking businesses quickly. You will discover your "Recipe for Success" whether you are pursuing the speaking industry on a part time or full time basis.

He delivers high energy, custom-tailored motivational messages at conventions, meetings, and events. Join 564,000 people from around the world who have been touched by his motivating messages and books that are packed with actionable take-away value.

Shef coaches best selling authors, NFL players, rock stars, and people who are committed to changing the world one word at a time!

Blabvertising: The Art of Word-of-Mouth Marketing

This high impact program for speakers will help you grow your brand and presence online and offline.

In this program, you will discover:

  • 3 simple strategies for engaging event planners and stand out in a busy marketplace
  • How to create, define, and engage your audience with your brand
  • How to quickly turn free dates into fee dates!

I Booked a Speech. Now What?

How to confidently turn your stories into a powerful keynote or workshop

In this program, you will discover the crucial step-by-step strategies of how to bridge from delivering a powerful speech in your club to creating a signature program that generates revenue!

  • How to engage your audience from start to finish, and manage their energy
  • 3 common traits of all fantastic keynotes
  • Common mistakes that new speakers make when they start speaking professionally (and how to avoid them!)

Dr. John Byrne

Dr. John Byrne

Dr. John Byrne is an accomplished individual who aspires to achieve success in his professional, academic, and personal life. John is known as a person who sets high goals, has the drive to achieve them, and inspires others to improve the quality of their lives by doing the same. A past Dean of the College of Business, John is a Professor and Chairman of the Marketing Department at St. Ambrose University in Quad Cities Iowa.

Leadership Lessons from the Leadville Trail 100 Mile Run

Dr. John Byrne shares his incredible experiences running 100 miles in the Rocky Mountains and applies the lessons he learned along the way to leadership, goal setting, and perseverance. This inspiring and entertaining talk will help you realize "you are better than you think you are and you can do more than you think you can."

Join John as he shares winning strategies for decision making, problem solving, and team development.